how my two year old and i are basically just alike

this morning, my husband and i had an argument. i did something that sort of messed up his day, and to his defense, he's requested several times that i not do this one thing. but, i did it yesterday, anyway, because i wanted to do things my way. i didn't want to be told what to do. i wanted my life organized and put away, and he wanted his life convenient and accessible. so we argued.

i took my babies to preschool this morning, and when i picked them up right after lunch, wattsie was crying in her chair in her classroom. her sweet teacher was bent down next to her explaining to her why we cannot push our friends. wattsie was crying big, big tears and saying, "i want my momma. i just want my momma." i walked right in, bent down to talk to her and whispered in her ear, and she apologized to her little friend, jacob, and then to her teacher (after a bit of direction from her momma). i then scooped her up, dried her tears, and took her home to be with her momma.

wattsie had a tough day in preschool.

i had a tough day with my husband.

are my two year old and i basically just alike? yes. yes, we are.

but, you see, many, many years ago, someone else said, "i want to do things my way. i don't want to listen to anyone else."

that person, dear friend, was our mother, eve, in the garden that the lord had so graciously and lovingly given to her and her husband, adam.

but, eve, along with adam, said they didn't want to do things god's way. and we've all been bucking the system ever since.

but, then, years and years later, one came who did do things god's way. and he did everything god's way. when tempted by the same one who tempts us, he said, "not my will, but the will of my father." and that's what he did. and he did it all perfectly.

and that perfect and beautiful submission is the same righteousness that is credited to us through that same savior.

and so when we tell god, "not your way. i am going to do things my way," and then we realize how we've messed up by fighting with our husbands or pushing our friends at school, god says to us, "it's okay. we'll try again tomorrow." and we do just that. looking forward to the prize which is ours in christ jesus. we try again through the strength and guidance of the one who forgives us.

so, maybe i'm just like my two year old, and my two year old is just like me. and we are both just like eve.

but praise be to god for one came who was not just like us. one of us? yes. but not just like us.

the righteous one. the messiah. the spotless lamb slain before the foundation of the world.

and what joy for us! what forgiveness for us that he finds us where we are-- full of self, full of self-righteousness and full of self-centeredness-- but he does not leave us there. he stirs us to say, "i am sorry. i repent," and he scoops us up in his arms and loves us until our tears are dry.

and one day, he'll take us home to be with him. and what a glorious day that will be.

thank you, jesus, for always teaching this momma things through her children. may i never stop learning from them. praise you.

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  1. I love this, Whitney! Beautiful and so so true. I'm right there with you (minus the little ones)!